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2007 CMiC Innovation Awards


Messer Construction Company

Messer Construction Company, based in Cincinnati, OH, has built a reputation for providing outstanding value and construction experiences to owners in the four states (Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee and Kentucky) where Messer operates.  Founded in 1932 and a 100% employee-owned company, Messer put in place over $735 million worth of construction in 2007 in an array of project types, including healthcare, educational, private/commercial, industrial/manufacturing and non-profit.  Messer stands out because of The Messer Difference: Messerís 1,000 talented employees.

Messer selected CMiC in 2003 because CMiC software enabled Messer to eliminate waste, create value and support Messerís vision of being a leader in the industry.  Messer found that CMiC fulfilled 80% of Messerís unique business system requirements straight out of the box.  Messer won 1st place in the CMiC Innovation Awards for their pioneering approach using CMiC software for contract forecasting. The $10,000 award prize money was donated to the Indianapolis Boys and Girls Club.

The Beck Group

The Beck Group, based in Dallas TX, is a company with almost a century of experience in the construction of high quality projects and has been instrumental in shaping the sky lines of Tampa, Dallas, Atlanta, Phoenix and Los Angeles. With 10 regional locations in the United States and Mexico, Beck places emphasis on sustainability and serves a wide range of industries, including corporate, healthcare, entertainment, religious and education. Beck offers a full spectrum of integrated services, from general contracting to architecture to real estate developers. Building on this combined expertise, Beck is able to provide clients additional services, such as strategic planning and financial procurement.

Beck chose CMiC in 2004 and won 2nd place in the 2007 CMiC Innovation Awards for an innovation involving the standardization and automation of the document creation and management process.  Beck donated the $3,000 charity donation to the Rebuilding Valley Missionary Baptist Church project.

For more information on how Beck has used CMiC software to improve productivity, please visit here.

Power Construction

Founded in 1926, Power Construction concentrates on five customer markets: corporate, development, healthcare, hotel and education.  Focusing primarily in the Chicago area, Power meets customer expectations by providing senior management leadership on each project. With revenues over $500 million and about 500 employees, Power is one of ENRís Top 200 Contractors.

A CMiC client since 1995, Power won 3rd place in the 2007 CMiC Innovation Awards by utilizing CMiC Imaging to process invoices.  The $2000 prize money was donated to The City of Hope.

Please visit here for more information about the 2008 CMiC Innovation Award Winners.

Please visit here for more information about the 2007 CMiC Innovation Award Winners.

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